Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another great day at the market

I really had fun at the Market this last Saturday.

I got a booth at a new spot that is right on Oak St. with lots of visibility to passers by and lots of room for people to mill about.

The best thing about it was I met a lot of interesting people. To start, the vender next to me was a very pleasant gentleman who makes jewelry. Beading and stonework that was very nice.

The first character who came up to the booth was a young man who plunked down his nickle and said, "Give me a website." I told him I could give him some advice about his website, more or less free consultation, and that took the smirk off his face. Turns out he was a punk rocker from New York with a band called The Lazy Susans. I checked out their Facebook page and they're pretty good. I hope I hear from them so I can create their web site. It was fun talking to some NY punks with attitude.

Next another guy in his early twenties approached me with his notebook in hand and started asking me questions. He was curious to find out what Web Design 5¢ is all about and when we got to talking, he was interested in learning about my career, web design consultation, and Eugene. Very nice guy. He is a Journalism student at UofO. It was fun discussing online journalism and marketing, but since he is the journalist, he let me do most of the talking. I'm hoping we can pick up the conversation later, and I can learn more about him and what he's learning in school.

I talked to quite a few other people who might be needing websites in the future. Plus some people that I could help with information. It was the kind of day that made me feel like I'm really doing what I should be doing.