Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day One at Barton Creek Farmers Market

Saturday was a blast! I met very many people and they made me feel comfortable with what I was doing. Many thanks to my wife, Anna, without whom I could not have started this venture. She originally heard an article on NPR about John Morefield who started Architecture 5 cents in Seattle. So, also, thank you John, and thank you Salila Travers for giving me permission to set up at the Barton Creek Farmers Market.

The day was cloudy and it was sprinkling a little bit, but it didn't matter.

The first people that came up to me said, "You can't really do a website for five cents, can you?"

And of course, they knew I couldn't. I said the nickel is for answering a question. As it turned out, the woman did need a website to feature her handmade jewelry. So I may have a possible client and I haven't even been set up yet for five minutes.

One interesting thing is that I really enjoyed answering simple questions for people, knowing well that there would be no further interaction. It was fun just helping.

I told one woman all she needed was a blog and she could do that free and by herself. There was a guy who wanted to put video on his website and I told him there is a link below YouTube videos that he can put into the HTML of his website and show the video from there.

People were willing to give me their contact information, and I think I will get at least one client out of that first day at Barton Creek Farmers Market.

Anyway, I'm out there and I'm having fun!

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  1. Great site Will! Please call me as I need to add a number of slides to the Railroad book web site for upcoming programs, thanks, david h